Who we are

Who we are

Ron and Andrew Pollak and the entire Team of Consultants are passionate individuals who work hard for their customers to help improve sales performance across Australia. Ron, who has been leading training and consulting businesses since 1983, and Andrew, a sales & leadership professional for 20 years, use their experiences, successes and cutting-edge models & innovations to build, develop and refine the skills of salespeople. Call Ron, Andrew and the Pollak Consulting Team to setup a meeting and discuss how we can grow your business.  Coffee’s on us!


Sales leadership forum

Sales leadership forum

What are the 3 BIG issues that are stopping you achieve more sales?  How will today’s Sales Manager find an extra 50% of their time? In discussions with Sales Managers across Australia, we note that they are working longer hours than ever before.  They are called on to support their sales team, more than ever before. The Sales Management Forum is a bi-monthly meeting of Sales Managers.  It’s designed to pack ideas and recent thinking into an hour and a half. Providing you with the support you need.


Sales Training Courses

Our public training courses are designed for all salespeople – junior and seasoned. We ensure that the outcomes from every course has an immediate effect in the workplace.

Account Selling

Get closer to you key customers.  Develop a sales strategy on a self-nominated account.  Real and immediate results!

Territory & Account Management

Keep having cups of coffee with customers and they don’t buy or increase their spend?  Your time is valuable.

Relationship Selling

Whether you are new to sales or experienced, you need to constantly work on your relationships with customers.  This workshop shows you how.


There’s a big difference between selling and negotiating.  Finalise the deal without giving in on price. This course teaches you how.

Selling Foundations

Why has Roger Federer been at the top of his game for so long?  He works on the basics of tennis, longer than anyone else.

Sales Leadership

Managers make the decisions right.  Leaders make the right decisions.  This workshop is all about setting you and your sales team up for ultimate success!

Sales Recruitment Specialists

Whether you’re a Sales Manager looking to add talent to your Team, or a salesperson looking for a new career opportunity, we have the capability and experience to help. And, we do it differently – call us to find out how!

Looking for opportunities?
• Be part of an innovative and dynamic business. • Solutions and customer relationships at the core of ‘who they are and what they do’. • Passionate and driven people...
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Company My client is highly-regarded in the industry for having a strong commitment to customer service and next day delivery – providing quality products and technologies for the automotive aftermarket,...
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Based in Melbourne and reporting directly to the National Sales & Marketing Manager, the successful candidate will be primarily responsible for developing closer business-to-business relationships with Dealers throughout Victoria and...
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This is a real business development role – growth, growth, growth! Solution selling and customer relationships are at the core of ‘who they are & what they do’. Combine your...
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If you have sold technical solutions in the civil engineering, construction that involves design and installation then read on.  You’re going to love working for this business! Imagine working for...
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If you want to be a part of an organisation that really develops their people, then read on!  I can personally endorse this as they send their salespeople onto our...
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Improving Sales Performance
You’re trying to work out what you can do to improve sales  So, you delve deeply into Sales, its processes, it people, it history, its reporting systems and its technology  Effectively, you look at anything in Sales that moves It’s a thorough review  Yet, you’re at a disadvantage if you believe…
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Australian Work Culture
Some time ago I can cross a report from the Australian Government titled, Australian Cultural Imprints at Work, 2010 and Beyond[1]  The report considered aspects that are unique to the Australian work environment, which it described as being one of ‘fair dinkum, fair go and bullshit detectors’ Most business today have volunteers…
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After Biases What’s Left?
Biases aren’t bad They help us deal with life’s complexities  They help us be patient with old people, subservient to policeman, suspicious of people in black ‘hoodies’ and more Without them, we’d be lost in a world of complexities Can you imagine what it’d be like having to treat each…
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Attitude In Sales; When All Else Fails!
Sales Success Equation Most people believe that success in sales is based on a formula that requires a high degree of product knowledge, blended with a similarly high level of sales skills and knowledge  And if you learn and follow this formula sales success will follow This philosophy, like so many…
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Testimonial – A True Story
It seems that I have become quite effective in both training and coaching Here’s some feedback I received from a participant at the recent Leadership and Management course someone who was working way too many hours – over 350 hours in the past month Hi Ron Thanks for following up,…
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Are you looking to improve Let’s say you’re trying to manage your time better  What’s stopping you  Is it your manager  Your colleagues  Your workload  Where you work  Is it noisy and drafty, too hot in summer and cold in winter, in a work corridor where everyone walks past you…
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