Sometimes a training session is not enough

The learning doesn’t stop at the end of even the best training sessions.  In fact, that’s when the learning starts.  How do I apply this new knowledge?  That’s when coaching helps.


For some people training doesn’t work, or doesn’t work well enough to really kick start change.  That’s when coaching helps.


Sometimes there is not a training course that deals with the problem.  Or, the training program merely deals with the symptoms, not the cause. That’s when coaching helps.


Do you send an experienced employee onto a course with novices?  Sometimes the learning session, doesn’t fit the need?  That’s when coaching helps.


Help Comes in Many Forms – Coaching is but one!


Your goal is to develop your team.  Developing your personnel does include training.  But sometimes it’s not enough and a more direct means to address the problem is needed to get the best out of individuals.  You see, it’s less about learning and more about action.  That’s where an individualised, coaching approach is needed.


Coaching achieves more when it is externally-sourced, professionally delivered coaching, delivered by an experienced coach.


A personalised coaching service provided by Ron Pollak


Ron Pollak is an experienced consultant, with a background in accounting – M. Comm (UNSW).  He worked as a chartered accountant, covering a range of roles at Deloitte (1973-83), working with a range of companies, including a stretch in New York. Ron left Deloitte to start his own consultancy in 1983. This consultancy grew to be the leading computer training company in Australia, Pollak Partners.  Ron sold this company in 2000 to move into his passion, management and sales training.  (The Pollak brand for high quality and results oriented training lived on past 2000, with the organisation only relatively recently dropping the Pollak name.)


Ron has run a number of businesses, including software development, training and consulting (1983-2015). Each of these businesses involved selling services through sales teams.  He has exposure to complex sales processes, including winning from IBM a project worth more than $1 million, to develop training material for all systems at the Sydney Olympic Games. Since 2000  Ron has been developing training programs and delivering leadership and sales training, as well as – more recently – providing a coaching and mentoring service.


Your Coaches


Working from Melbourne, Andrew joined Ron in 2004; coming from a renowned sales recruitment organisation where he was an Area Director.

Andrew has established a reputation as a hard-working, customer oriented consultant. He designs and delivers training courses and provides consulting services.

Recruitment services has become a speciality. Using technology to reduce client interview time, Andrew has a talent for finding people who not only have the skills, but also the cultural fit. This means that recruits fit better and stay longer.

Andrew Pollak


Ron is the founder of Pollak Consulting & Training. The organisation today, focuses on Sales, Personal Development, Management and Leadership. There was never a time that these areas, blended together, were so greatly in demand.

Armed with a Master of Commerce degree (Information Systems) from UNSW, Ron’s early career was a journey that commenced with 10 years at Deloitte Touche. There Ron worked through the traditional fields of accounting, audit and computing before moving into management consulting.

Ron Pollak