Pollak Consulting has a long and successful record of working with organisations and sales teams to develop their skills.  But we acknowledge that training is not always the answer.  Sometimes, a more holistic approach is required.

For every complex problem there is always a solution, that’s simple, neat, plausible and wrong.


In this rapidly changing world even the most progressive organisations find it difficult to produce consistent sales results.  Responsibility for inconsistent results can be attributed to market conditions, competition from low-cost regions, the movement of the dollar (ours and theirs), rapidly changing technology, consumer confidence and a host of other reasons.

Valid as they may be, the business environment is unforgiving.


Though we can cut and reshape our organisations to make them slimmer and more cost efficient, it’s not enough. Particularly in the sales environment.  There is only so much that can be gained from liposuction in the ‘Asian Decade’. We are now only provided with an assured future if we continue to sell our products and services at a profit.

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Introduction to Sales Performance Auditing


The Sales Performance Audit is a systematic, systems-orientated, scientifically derived and open-ended methodology which focuses on improving sales results. It is designed to locate gaps in performance and match these with interventions that will remedy performance shortfalls.

It utilises a methodology that examines each facet of sales; planning, monitoring performance, systems and methods as well as the capability of your salespeople and management.

It benchmark’s performance against best practice selling.  The audit is conducted in a systematic fashion to produce a comprehensive report.  The report covers performance gaps and makes recommendations of actions to close these gaps.

The work is conducted primarily by Principal Consultant Ron Pollak, who has experience in business, technology, management and sales.  (Ron’s resume follows.)

At a time when we are trying to improve our results, it seems that we managers are often guilty of looking for a straightforward solution to invigorate our business, as if there was a single major cause of our problems.

Using our unique Sales Performance Auditing approach, you will find and fix those issues that inhibit your team maximising their sales performance