Testimonial – A True Story

Testimonial – A True Story

It seems that I have become quite effective in both training and coaching. Here’s some feedback I received from a participant at the recent Leadership and Management course someone who was working way too many hours – over 350 hours in the past month.

Hi Ron

Thanks for following up, I took the advice from our discussions, and had a pre meeting with staff around getting the month end reporting correct.
They took it on board and compared to prior months efforts, they have completed the ledgers and reports to a much higher standard.
I have started to drop back on hours, and slowly things appear to be coming back to normality, though there will always be instances where things pop up that are urgent, whereby additional hours will be required (i.e. which is part in parcel with my job).

Thank you for taking the time to chat with me, it did put things in to perspective for me, and had me thinking for days of consequences (ie more around family life) if I do not start to change. I guess this is why management wanted me to attend the course.
So the upside is things are in motion to start the change process (i.e. and my mindset), and with continual system improvements, life should become a lot more balanced between work and home.

Thanks again for your insight, greatly appreciated !!