Our Philosophy

We aren’t recruitment consultants.

We’re sales consultants.  We’ve successfully recruited salespeople for our business and for lots of our clients too.  We know what works.  Here’s why.


Pollak Consulting has been working with sales professionals since 2001 and, we’ve seen thousands of salespeople walk into our classrooms.  Therefore, we know what a good (and not so good!) salesperson looks like.


On most occasions, salespeople who are under the microscope from Management, who are given the opportunity to improve by attending a training program, aren’t underperforming because they’re simply poor salespeople, but rather they’re sometimes being asked (by Management) to do things that aren’t part of their make-up.  For example, getting a salesperson to make cold calls and find new business when their strength is maintaining relationships.


The mistake can be drawn all the way back to recruitment – where Management then ask “why was this person acquired into the business?!”


Individual Personality & Company Culture


Pollak Consulting aims to do more than just ‘recruit and train salespeople’.  We take a bigger picture view to this and don’t rest until we’ve helped you establish a sales culture of high performance.  We understand that there’s a preference to add talent into your business with sales professionals who understand your industry and/or product.


More importantly, we aim to find the sales professionals who align to your company’s values, goals and culture.  We spend a lot of time in your business prior to searching for the right candidate – we call this our DNA Identification process.


Our Niche & Network – Sales


We wouldn’t be doing our job if we simply uploaded an ad onto Seek or LinkedIn and waited for the resumes to appear in our inbox.  That’s not very proactive!  Because we have been working with sales teams for nearly two decades, we have acquired a large network of salespeople in our database.  It’s these salespeople that we turn to first to see if they are interested, or know someone who is interested/suitable.


Tandem Approach


We work with you right through the process.  Once the selected candidate has been appointed into the vacant position, we’ll work with you and tailor an individual sales development program that will allow the candidate to undertake.  This will provides you with further returns on you investment – from both the recruitment and training initiatives.