Tailored Training

In Company Tailored Training

Many businesses find it more beneficial to base the training more specifically on their processes and business environment. This is why we offer tailored in-company training. We are able to customise topics from our curriculum or write courseware entirely tailored to your organisation.

To make the training as relevant and memorable as possible we firstly select appropriate topics from our range of courseware, and then customise the material with discussions and case studies that come from within your business. With your help we develop examples and role plays to bring home the material in a fashion that will help your staff translate the learning from the classroom to their workplace.

All our consultants are extremely well-qualified to achieve this. Your chosen consultant will attend your workplace, meet with you, your management and some of the participants attending the training to familiarise him/herself with the issues you face. Our consultant will then formulate a curriculum to achieve your objectives.

If preferred, you may choose to run an in-company course with standard courseware and thus save on development costs.