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What makes for a great manager? Is it just about techniques and processes? Or is something to do with interpersonal characteristics, such as confidence, ability to communicate and focus – attributes we usually associate with ‘leadership’?  Isn’t it a blend?


We talk about leadership as those skills that involve setting goals, lighting a path, and persuading others to follow.  But isn’t this what managers need to do? You cannot be a good manager without showing leadership.  You cannot be a good leader without management skills.


By accepting the role of manager you are gifted the challenge of leading. In this course you will learn that management and leadership are one and the same.


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Managing in the current climate is definitely a challenge.  And it requires a different style of leadership than that which existed up to the beginning of this millennium. While there’s a great deal to learn from managers of the past, there is a new, better educated, higher achieving employee—with greater expectations—than past managers needed to deal with.  Fortunately, as well as those lessons from the past that still apply, there are new philosophies and models to help us, understand and work more effectively with our employees.


On this course you’ll learn to be today and tomorrow’s manager/leader. This course has gone through a total redesign to accommodate this new role of manager and leader.


Anyone in business will work far more effectively when they understand the commercial realities of running a business. Each of us needs to ensure that we have a solid grounding in the basics of commerce to improve business results.

If you’re working in an Operational role or in Sales, you really need to understand accounting terms and philosophies.  Perhaps not in detail, but certainly in overview.

If you aspire to a management position (or want to further your career in management) and you don’t have training or a background in accounting, you will be at a disadvantage as you sit around the management table.  In today’s business world, it’s essential to have a working knowledge of accounting. Understanding the cycle of accounting will help you figure out where you fit into your company’s financial structure, and how to assess the financial status of current  and prospective customers and suppliers.

This workshop will familiarise you with the key concepts of business and accounting and help you prepare and work with budgets with more confidence.

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Course Sessions

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  • Session 1: Course OverviewSession 2:  How well do I know myself?
    • The Johari Window
    • Transaction Analysis
    • How Trustworthy are You?

    Session 3: Behaviour Styles

    • Distinction between Personality and Behaviour
    • DiSC
    • Value to the Team & DiSC
    • How I Manage My Time
    • Is it all about me?

    Session 4: Leadership Profiles

    • DiSC & Primary Leadership Styles
    • DiSC & Primary Blended Leadership Styles
    • Work of Leaders Model

    Session 4   Coaching

    • The Grow Model
    • The Coaching Process
    • Coaching Problems
    • A Coaching Action Plan

    Session 5   Delegation

    • What is Delegation?
    • Five Levels of Delegation
    • Picking the Right Person
    • Delegation Process

    Session 6   Motivating

    • Motivational Theories
    • Expectancy Theory
    • Designing Motivating Jobs

    Session 7   Performance Management

    • The Performance Management Process
    • Giving Feedback
    • Introduction to Performance Appraisals
    • The Performance Management Cycle
    • Handling Performance Problems


    Behavioural Economics – An Introduction

    What makes our decisions so difficult?

    Biases and Rules of Thumb



  • On this course you will learn how to be a more successful communicator by first understanding yourself, then using simple processes, including DISC’s behavioural profiling, that makes you more effective as a manager/leader.


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