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A course designed to help all people communicate better, manage stress, and be more assertive.  This is achieved by providing participants with insights into their own personality and how to assess others.  As an outcome you can expect to see people change, preparing them as they move into new roles, become more effective and motivated in their current role and face the world feeling revitalised.


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To achieve what you want in your personal and professional life, you need to understand yourself and how you relate to your environment and the people around you.   Using the DISC Profiling Tool, you will gain an insight into your preferred behavioural style.  You may be focused on getting tasks done, on building relationships, on supporting your team, or getting things right.  Understanding your personal approach, it’s strengths, limitations and how it may compliment or conflict with other people is mind opening an can liberate your potential.

In two days, this course will provide you with insights into your approach to work, people and relationships.  It will give you practical techniques to improve confidence, personal authority and communication techniques that will help you to achieve what you want in life both personally and professionally.

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  • DISC Behavioural Profiling Tool
    • Discover your preferred style of behaviour, its strengths and limitations and how you can adapt your style to suit different situations.
    • Reading Other People’s Style
    • Learn how to read other people’s style in order to deal with them more effectively.
  • Building Your Self Esteem
    • Self-esteem is the corner stone of our behavior.  Our self-confidence, thought patterns, attitude, and what we believe about ourselves can impact on our self-esteem. Low self-esteem holds us back from going after what we want and following our dreams while high self-esteem leads to happier, more productive and successful lives.
  • The Power Of Goal Setting
    • Take control of your life through setting and achieving personal and professional goals.
  • Create Positive Impressions
    • People form impressions within the first 4 minutes of meeting you.  What impression do you give?  Look at ways you can improve your image.
  • Ask for What You Want
    • Assertiveness enables you to ask for things that you want and to stand up for your rights in a way that does not offend those around you but gains their respect.
  • Interpersonal Communication Skills
    • An essential component of everything we do is communication.  How effectively do you communicate?  This module provides an insight to the three channels of communication – body language, speech patterns, and words.
  • Connecting with People
    • People are important in every aspect of our lives.  Using 7 simple principles, you can make better and more productive connections with people and really enjoy those around you.
  • Profiling
    • The foundation of personal and professional success lies in understanding yourself, understanding others, and realising the impact of personal behaviour on others.
    • For nearly 30 years and for over 40 million people DISC has unlocked the door to productive communication.
    • You will learn your strengths and weaknesses (a weakness is where your strength is over-used) and how to work with all personality types.


  • Gain an insight into your preferred behavioural style and learn how to adapt it to different situations
  • Recognise other’s preferred style so that you can have more successful interactions
  • Build your self-esteem to become a happier and more productive person
  • Begin setting goals to get more of what you want from life
  • Improve your communication techniques
  • Connect with people using 7 principles