Sales Team Leadership

Course Summary

This course is designed to bolster the leadership skills of Sales Managers.  It’s filled with new ideas, processes and techniques to manage a sales team. It focuses on building sales leadership and managerial skills and know-how, because leading a sales team is different. It has been designed by Sales Managers for Sales Managers and delivered by Australia’s leading sales trainers.  It gives particular attention to the role of the Sales Manager as a leader in today’s fast paced, competitive environment.


The theme for the program is leadership, proactive sales management and taking control.


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For far too long, people have believed that selling is an art.  The philosophy has been that ‘good sales people need to be given space to perform’.  The ‘art-factor’ surrounds the salesperson’s ability to build rapport and therefore relationships.  This art (if it is an art and not a skill that can be learnt) can be improved through training and practice, and even so, is only one factor in a successful salesperson’s repertoire.  It is our proposition that to kick-start a sales performance improvement program a different type of management is needed than has been traditionally applied in the sales arena.


On this course sales managers will learn to concentrate on managing their team’s sales activity.  It is a proposition that success in sales management occurs through a focus on sales activity in three areas.  1) Establishing the correct level of sales activity, 2) Directing sales activity to the right people, 3) Improving the quality of selling activities.

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Sales Leadership and Management Today

  • Setting the Scene

Behaviour Modelling

  • Understanding Self, Behaviours & Others
  • Adjusting how you communicate to be more effective

Change Management – Lewin’s Model

  • The Square Wheels of Continuous Improvement

Planning and Control

  • A Sales Plan – A Definition
  • The Planning Cycle and the Sales Plan
  • Using KPIs to Monitor Performance — Leading and Lagging Indicators
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Job Specifications


  • Sales Performance Audit – Who owns the problem?
  • Strategies to Isolate Management Issues Affecting Sales
  • Fixing Problems Not Symptoms


  • Differences between Leader & Manager
  • How to Motivate Sales People
  • Motivating a Sales Team
  • Mapping Motivators to Goals
  • The Power of Delegation
  • Delegation Do’s and Don’ts
  • Self-Assessment
  • What is Delegation?
  • Five Levels of Delegation
  • Performance Management & Improvement
  • The Performance Management Process
  • Goals
  • Giving Feedback
  • Performance Appraisals
  • Planning the Performance Appraisal

Handling Performance Problems

  • Performance Management  Checklists

Investing Time in the Team

  • Who, Where and When

Coaching in Sales

  • The Sales Manager/Coach
  • Coaching Skills
  • A Sales Coaching Session
  • Longer Term Coaching
  • Change – Benefits/Consequences Technique
  • Coaching Problems


In this course you will build upon the knowledge and skills learned in Selling Part 1. In particular, you will:

  • Understand DISC personality profiling and how it helps personalise your selling techniques.
  • Gain an advanced insight into asking your customers the right questions.
  • Appreciate the difference between rapport and trust.
  • Understand different relationships and mapping these to account management models.
  • Measure, monitor and assess relationships with your accounts—to protect them as they grow.
  • Build upon your networking skills.


Part 1 must be completed before Part 2