Selling Part 1 – Foundations

Course Summary

A course designed for new and experienced sales people. It covers essential sales skills and know-how to give each and every participant the confidence to be comfortable and successful in selling.  Just one of its benefits is the fact that the curriculum has been updated to help participants deal with today’s issues, where competition is fierce, negotiations on price are difficult, relationships are no longer a guarantee of success, and add-on consumable sales are exposed to internet shopping.  And more.


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It’s no secret that sales and selling has changed in recent years. Customers and sales staff alike are all working harder, with more responsibilities, choices and pressures. Customers need to trust the people they are working with, particularly their suppliers. They look hard for value and even harder for a sales person with whom they can develop a relationship; one built on trust and competence.


This sales training workshop is built on the PAYBACK selling model, and is designed to help participants become confident and skilled in selling.


It covers all the basics of selling and helps participants understand how to manage their time and effort, so that they work with those customers and prospects who will ensure they will achieve their targets.

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Ron Pollak Training’s PAYBACK Model

  • Definitions


  • Understanding Sales and Selling
  • Defining the Sales Process
  • Sales Curriculum
  • The Power of the Mind

Acquiring Trust & Rapport

  • Building Trust
  • Building Rapport
  • Initial Impressions of Others
  • The First Impression Statement

Your Investigations

  • A Question
  • Uncovering needs and wants

Building & Presenting Your Solution

  • Solving
  • Remember the ‘Rule of 3’
  • Selling the Value
  • Presenting the Solution
  • Preparing for a Sales Presentation


  • Closing Tactics

Keeping & Managing

  • Economising
  • Up & Cross Selling
  • Scoring
  • Servicing


Outcomes include:

  • You will know your sales process and how this relates to the buying process.
  • You will be able to build trust and develop it throughout your selling.
  • You will understand the role of a sales person.
  • You will have the skills to:
    • plan,
    • research,
    • open a call,
    • identify needs,
    • devise a solution,
    • present your solution,
    • deal with a range of objections,
    • close the sale with confidence, and
    • keep the customer after the sale has been made


This is Part 1 of a 3 part selling course