Selling Part 3 – Territory & Account Management

Course Summary

Experienced salespeople need to know how to analyse their time, manage their territory and/or their accounts so that they can be more efficient and effective when selling.


World Class Training

This course, updated and enhanced with new, relevant case studies will deliver more change and better results than almost any other sales training course run today.


With a plan, one that you have developed yourself, you take greater ownership and you become more effective.  Without a plan, or even with one that you haven’t created yourself, you lose motivation, become less personally accountable and you achieve less. The Territory & Account Management techniques covered here add substantive value to individuals and the organisations they work for.

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  • Your Role and Responsibilities
  • To Your Customer to Your Company to Your Manager to Yourself
  • Planning
  • Finding Time to Plan
  • The Competencies of Territory and Key Account Managers and the Concept of AM’s Trusted Advice
  • The Sales Funnel
  • Sales Funnel Metrics
  • Stephen Covey’s Four-Quadrant Activity-Management Paradigm
  • The Four D’s
  • Developing a Territory Plan
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Tactical Account Plans
  • External Assessment
  • Competitive analysis
  • Territory Assessment
  • It’s a Numbers Game
  • Analysing Your Accounts
  • SPEC Model
  • Marketing
  • Territory Development Strategy
  • Account Planning
  • Customer Overview
  • Customer History
  • People
  • Titles
  • Power
  • DISC
  • Coach Assessment
  • Account Profile
  • Account Strategies
  • Account Development Strategies
  • Competitive Account Strategies
  • Call Planning


In this course you will build upon the knowledge and skills learned in Selling Part 1. In particular, you will:

  • Understand DISC personality profiling and how it helps personalise your selling techniques.
  • Gain an advanced insight into asking your customers the right questions.
  • Appreciate the difference between rapport and trust.
  • Understand different relationships and mapping these to account management models.
  • Measure, monitor and assess relationships with your accounts—to protect them as they grow.
  • Build upon your networking skills.


Selling Part 1- Foundations

Selling Part 2 – Relationship Selling

This course can be taken without having completed Selling 1—Foundations or Selling 2—Selling Relationships, however some topics do require experience and knowledge that generally come from sales experience and/or attendance at these courses.  To ensure consolidation and full development of selling skills, delegates should complete their program by attending both Selling 1—Foundations and Selling 2 – Selling Relationships.  The additional learning in Selling 3 – Territory & Account Management involves a focus on account planning, time management, territory management and sales strategies.